Claudia Hopman - I Am Claudia


“I believe in you. And if you also believe in yourself, really believe in what you think, what you say, what you feel and what you do, then I believe it too.”


I believe there is always a way to realize your dream and your mastery. I believe that almost everything can always be improved and that it is worth going for it. That's about your mastery.

Why is this important?

We walk that path towards your mastery together. This way of working starts with formulating your dream, your wishes, your vision for the future and your ambition plan. After completing your ambition plan we work on gaining conscious and unconscious insights, breaking though old patterns and connecting your head with your heart.
Then you are already developing into a new version of yourself. A you-2.0. Finally you will see what you have created and caused. It is very special to see what you can achieve and how you can make a sustainable personal development.
Start today with this development for a better future tomorrow.
Change tomorrow today.


Claudia combines traditional ways of working with the magic of life and the 6th sense in business. She develops herself again and again to the next phase via her personal way of working :
think as big if you dare
do not be afraid
make choices
believe in what you do
push your limits
stay loyal to yourself
keep going
keep dreaming
“Your goal may change, but your path is still your path. That is the essence of life.”


Claudia lives and works according to several Values. These are the core values ​​of I am Claudia and part of her mission and vision.

I value durf
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Courage is half the battle. If you dare to discover what you do not dare to do, then you will develop. You develop your vision, you change the thoughts that limit you from daring to feel and to act. If you dare to dream your dreams and feel what that can do with you, then the desire arises to realize this. Then your courage grows and you dare to start. ›

I value leef
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Choose, don’t be afraid, think big, push your limits, stay loyal to yourself, have faith, just do it, keep feeling and learning, choose, don’t be afraid … ›

I value puur
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Focus on fundamental essence, act from this essence and stay focused on the main topics. Don’t dwell on side issues. Don’t hide in the things surrounding the essence. Stay close to the core and make sure that what you do is successful. Time is too short not to live pure. ›

I value inspireer
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Make sure you keep wondering. Ask many questions, be curious about the world, about other people and other opinions. Let that sink in and then think about what your vision is, formulate your opinion and ensure that this can contribute to a better world. Decide what you really want to do, go and start to do it and tell about it. Inspire by being who you are. ›

I value liefdevol
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Fill yourself with positive thoughts and positive feelings. Take care of yourself and the other person, because then you can act lovingly. Make sure you act without ‘right of return’, do the things you believe in, unconditionally and without expectations, then you are free and really open minded. ›

I value integriteit
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Be focused on your sincere contribution to the bigger picture and not the other way around. Your contribution sometimes merges with that of others and is then less visible. Do not grieve about that, know that this will definitely be seen when it is the right time and when it is necessary. Your contribution is appreciated by people for whom it is intended, even if they don’t know exactly who it comes from. ›

20200104-Icons Values-DEF-leider-rood


Grow other people further than they dare to think they could and should be. In the broadest sense of the word, you give life to the growth of others. Be an example to others and to yourself. Try to show what is possible despite obstacles. We sometimes say ‘someone has to be the wisest’ and then make sure it’s you. ›

I value vriendelijkheid
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Kindness is a strength that is often underestimated. It is a power that can open and heal your heart. It is a power that can liberate you from suffering. Loving kindness encompasses much more than just being kind or charity. It is a radical and realistic attitude to life that develops compassion for all living beings. ›


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